Floral Business Evolution: Mastering Growth and Creativity with Trellis


In the ever-evolving tapestry of the floral industry, the bloom of technology has become as integral as the flowers themselves. Diane Mouton of Fat Cat Flowers shares her journey of transformation—a narrative where tradition meets innovation through the lens of Trellis software. In our latest interview, Diane delves into the pivotal role of collaboration in redefining her business model: her insightful story unfolds in "Floral Business Evolution: Mastering Growth and Creativity with Trellis," now live for viewing.

Diane's story is not one of mere adaptation but a deliberate renaissance. Post-Covid, the bustling pace of 130 weddings a year gave way to a more intentional approach, allowing for deeper client connections and a richer platform for creativity. This strategic shift was underpinned by a robust platform that could handle both the volume of the past and the finesse of the present—enter Trellis. With our user-friendly interface, we streamline the complex choreography of floral proposal creation, event and client communication, ordering, and overall business management: turning logistical nightmares into a coordinated ballet of schedules and permissions.

The heart of Diane's revelation lies in the alchemy of Trellis's flexibility and her artistry: as she honed in on a select number of events, ensuring each one received her full attention and creativity, Trellis stood by as an unwavering ally.

The software's proposal tool became her new canvas, allowing her to lavish time and care into crafting proposals that resonated with a higher-end clientele. The backend, ever-reliable, managed orders with precision, ensuring that the beauty of each arrangement was matched by the efficiency of its creation.

The interview sheds light on the power of personalization within Trellis. Diane speaks to the software's ability to capture her unique voice and style, enabling her to present & sell proposals that are unmistakably Fat Cat Flowers.

The customization doesn't end with aesthetics; it extends to the very core of business operations. Trellis's adaptability led the way, whether it was adjusting sales tax calculations or fine-tuning order processes to fit Diane's distinctive workflow.

This chapter of Diane's professional journey is a testament to her growth— and it's a blueprint for seasoned florists seeking to uplevel their business to flourish in today's market. With Trellis, the potential for upscaling your floral business becomes a reality, artfully tailored for your unique needs.

"Transforming Fat Cat Flowers wasn't solely for growth; it was finding our creative soul. Post-COVID, the revelation was clear – no more rushing through a sea of one-hundred-plus weddings. We wanted depth, connection with our brides, and the space to let our true artistry breathe.

We introduced a minimum – as a commitment to quality over quantity, ensuring our financial goals aligned with our creative ones. And through this shift, Trellis continued to be our steadfast partner.

The beauty of Trellis lies in its adaptability: When volume was king, Trellis's coordinated systems managed the flurry of events seamlessly. Now, as we embrace a more curated, luxury approach, it's the proposal feature of Trellis that shines, allowing us to craft exquisite, tailored floral experiences for each client.

Trellis is a chameleon that thrives in various floral business landscapes – from the grandeur of bigger, extravagant events to intimate floral creations. Trellis' programming is a conversation with each florist's unique needs, and allows us to infuse our character into every detail, from sales tax calculations to proposal aesthetics.

And for those times when I want to dive deeper, everything in Trellis can be distilled into a spreadsheet, offering me the ultimate analytical and creative freedom.

When software often forces us into predefined molds, Trellis gives us a canvas as vast as our ambitions and creativity. It's not just what Trellis can do; it's about how it makes each of us feel – understood, supported, and free to flourish. That's the Trellis difference."

Stay tuned for more insights from Diane in our upcoming blog posts and episodes, where we'll continue to explore the intersections of floral artistry and innovative business practices. Diane's journey is just one of many stories of transformation and success facilitated by Trellis, and we're excited to share more with you.

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