The Nickel Tour

See Trellis in action with a few of the many features we offer.
Still curious after watching our video overview? Check out Frequently Asked Questions below.


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Is There a Limit to The Number Of Events Or Proposals I Can Create?

You can create unlimited clients, events, proposals, image boards, color palettes, and anything else.

Can My Data Be Transferred From My Current Software Provider?

Yes, if your software provider allows you to export your information in a usable format, we can import it to Trellis. Usable formats include tab or comma-delimited files such as .csv and .xlsx spreadsheets. Data fields must be labeled with relative tables designated.

Depending on the data architecture, consistency, and other factors, charges for data import vary. Contact us for a quote. 

Do I Need Rental Inventory Tracking?

You can track your inventory with a standard subscription. Usually, you won't need this add-on but you might want to use it if one or more of the below apply:

  • You have a large inventory of rental items.
  • You need alerts when a rental item is over-booked (the quantity used in events on a given day exceeds your inventory quantity). 
  • You have multiple employees that pull and return product and you wanted to track who pulled/returned a product and when. 
  • You want to have an audit history for your inventory items including date stamped entries for inventory quantity adjustments and the users who made them.
  • You want to assign and use inventory location (ex: Tall Vase #175 is located at Row 7 - Shelf 3).

What About My Inquiries from Potential Clients?

Direct clients to your Trellis inquiry form from your website. We'll save their information and let you know they reached out. With a few clicks, you can create an event and start proposing. You can have any number of inquiry forms for weddings, corporate events, and any other event type you provide services for. We'll brand and customize your forms for a more seamless integration with your website and you can get the information you need with unlimited textboxes, checkboxes, dropdowns, and option boxes.

Can I Create Invoices and Process Payments With Trellis?

You can create invoices and optionally process card payments from your clients with Stripe. We can also email your client when an invoice is available and/or due for payment.

Is There a To-Do List?

You can create task plans unique to your workflow with reminders and "triggers" to update your event's progress automatically when tasks are completed.

Can I Use My Email Account with Trellis

If you use Gmail™ or Google Workspace™, we can email your clients from your email account. It's easy to set up and messages will appear in your Gmail™ sent folder just like all of your other outgoing emails. 

What About Synchronizing with My Calendar

We can synchronize your events in Trellis with your Google™ Calendar.

Does Trellis Work with Quickbooks™?

Currently, we do not connect with Quickbooks™ or other accounting programs.However, Trellis offers extensive reporting and optional income/expense account tracking.

If My Trial Expires and I Come Back, Will My Information Still Be Available?

Yes. We will retain your trial account with clients, events, and all other info for one year. If you decide to subscribe within that time, you can pick up right where you left off.  And if you don’t want us to hold the info for you, just contact us and we’ll remove it from our servers.