What The Subscribers Say

Absolutely LOVE Trellis

I absolutely LOVE Trellis. I switched from my previous software provider and have not regretted it. Trellis is so intuitive, so customizable, and offers so many options. The structure is so smooth that it makes for a much easier workflow.

You can create your own event templates which makes proposal writing so much easier. For example, I have proposal templates for the venues I most frequently work at, so all I have to do is add specific numbers of items and client specific photos.

Too many features to list here. Give it a try- you'll love it too!

Sylvia • Covington, LA

Blown Away

I am blown away by Trellis Event Software. Hands down, it's the most customizable and useful event software I've ever used. I'm able to create exactly the experience I want my clients to receive and I know without a doubt that it not only helps me sell my events but it keeps me organized, on top of my events, and most importantly, profitable, especially in this day and age of price increases, product shortages, and supply chain issues. I'd recommend Trellis to ANYONE in our event floral industry.

Robyn • CO

The Proposals I Envisioned

My proposals are unique to me. They aren't the same document with my logo replaced in the top right corner. With complete control of fonts, colors, fields displayed, and layout, my clients get the proposal I envisioned for my company. 

Courtenay • Cincinnati, OH

A Perfect Fit For Me

I love Trellis!  For me it is intuitive and effortless.  I look for something and I can find it - although there have been times when I have said to the programmer, "I wish I could do this or that," and he says "oh yeah, you can do that here."

Did you hear the part where I say you can talk to the programmer?

Trellis saves me time.  Trellis makes me money.  Trellis makes me look good - my clients love it too. One software for everything all in one tidy place:

  • Floral design (think Canva - and wait til you see the color palette tool!)
  • Client Management (automated client billing is my favorite thing!)
  • Recipes/ordering flower management

One software is not the right answer for everyone; we are all different and all run our business differently. But Trellis is a perfect fit for me.  And at 1/3 of the cost of the software I used previously.  

Diane • New Orleans, LA

Extremely User-Friendly

I absolutely love Trellis!  With Trellis I can easily incorporate an inquiry form into my website and use it to begin a proposal. It's super easy to keep track of inspiration images for my clients and quickly put together an elegant and branded proposal. All client-facing material such as the inquiry form, portal, proposals, and contracts is branded and customizable based on what I need to create. I'm able to easily create recipes for my designs as well as communicate with my clients via customized emails through the client portal. And Trellis is extremely user-friendly with lots of help documents to show you how everything works.

Blair • Ijamsville, MD